Thursday morning … exceptional women. 31. 08. 2017

In search of women in creative leadership

To further the development of women in leadership positions and advocate for greater diversity within the creative industries three scholarship recipients from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership’s EMBA program will discuss status quo and complexity of the issue, understanding of the benefits of greater diversity to the future of creative industries as well as ideas and research concepts influencing progress.

Meet the speakers:

Lorna Hawtin, Disruption Director, TBWA\Manchester, United Kingdom is an outspoken promoter of creativity and effectiveness culture, both in her work with clients and across the broader creative community. Aside from her work in the agency and her speaking engagements, she is a member of the UK Effie steering committee, and is a valued member of the IPA’s Value of Creativity Leadership Group.

Inken Rohweder, Creative Equity Officer, Switzerland, is trying to awake concern about the role of women in the creative industry. Besides that, she is thoughtful mother of two and wife that commutes between Switzerland and Germany and tries to find time to travel to more exotic destinations. To this extent, she supports a local hospital in Cambodia through her Switzerland based charity operation.

Collette Wasielewski, Creative Director, FCB Joburg, South Africa has very successful career and is now part of the team in South Africa that tackles everything from traditional corporate identity through to brand activation and rainbow creation – literally. In the limited spare time that serving her country affords her, she is mother to 1 human and 3 animals and wakes up everyday feeling privileged to be experiencing all the beauty and potential of South Africa and Africa right now.