YDC – Judging rules and regulations

Judging rules and regulation for the YOUNG DRUMMERS COMPETITION Jury 2018

  1. Award-winning entries will be selected by an international Jury.
  2. Members of the Jury and Secretary to the Jury are appointed by the Organizer.
  3. Each juror shall form his or her own opinion about the creativity and quality of entries independently, on the basis of his or her expertise, and shall award marks accordingly.
  4. The president of the Jury is responsible for the fairness of the judging and is appointed by the Organizer.
  5. All jury activities related to the judging of the Festival are coordinated by the Secretary to the Jury and supported by the necessary computer software and other technical equipment.
  6. All communication among the jurors and the Secretary shall be in English.
  7. The president of the Jury shall propose the judging and awarding criteria to the Jury, on which they should reach agreement before the judging process begins.
  8. The judging of entries in Young Drummers Competition shall be done on the basis of the entry presentations available to each jury member with the aid of online judging system. The first round of judging shall be done remotely online prior to the start of the Festival. Each jury member shall receive a list of entries and precise instructions prior to judging. Jury members shall examine all registered entries, mark each with a vote of YES or NO for inclusion on the shortlist. The shortlist shall tentatively include up to 20 % of top-ranked entries from which the first, second and third prize will be selected onsite.
  9. Any juror who is in any way associated with the creation of an entry or its agency shall not judge that entry.
  10. Each juror may make objections and raise questions during the selection of the winner. At the request of the Jury president, he/she must provide reasons for his or her opinion.
  11. The decision of the Jury in all matters related to the awards is final and biding.
  12. The president of the Jury and the Secretary to the Jury shall draw up a written report on the judging and the justification of the awards.
  13. Members of the jury are sworn to silence about their work as a juror and are prohibited from discussing the results with anyone prior to the official award ceremony.
  14. Members of the Jury should take part in the presentation of shortlisted and awarded entries, organized in a form of public debate – if so proposed by the Golden Drum Vice President for the Competition.
  15. President of the Jury should take part also in the closing award-giving ceremony of the Festival where Young Drummer prizes will be given.
  16. Upon accepting membership on the Jury, each juror agrees to abide by the above rules.


Golden Drum Festival

Competition Council


Ljubljana, May 2018