ENTERTAINMENT group includes campaigns or communication impulses that integrate naturally into existing original content for the purpose of promoting products, services or brands. Impact on the audience is built by creating content that is primarily entertaining, informative or educational, not strictly appearing as advertising or promotion.



5. Films & TV shows (shows, movies, movies incl. internet releases, series, documentaries …)

6. Online & mobile (websites, apps, social media, user-generated content platforms)

7. Live experience (installations, events, music)

8. Native advertising, brand integration, sponsorships & co-promotions

9. Games (PC, console, online games, mobile apps / incl. competitions, sweepstakes, online challenges, quizzes…)




One video file of up to 180 seconds is required.

All entries submitted to the Golden Drum Festival will be shown for the judging, screened during the Festival and at the award ceremony, should the entry be awarded, as well as published in the entries showcase on www.goldendrum.com.

Screenshot (of the video) is required. Screenshots are a required material for entries that have video materials.


Image must be uploaded as JPEG file only and in the following format:

Colour spaceRGB
DPI300 dpi
Size1920 x 1080 px
File sizeup to 6 MB




Awards show film of up to 60 seconds (to be screened at the award ceremony, should the entry be awarded) as MP4 file may be submitted to better present the entered work in this group.

In case the entrant does not submit the awards show film, the organizer reserves the right to screen first 60 seconds of the original video at the award ceremony, should the entry be awarded.

All case films must be dubbed or subtitled into English.


Video materials must be uploaded as MP4 files only.

ResolutionFull HD (1920×1080 px), 16:9 Widescreen (preferable)
Frame rate25fps
Scan typeProgressive
Video codech.264 (min 15 – max 40 mbps)
Audio codecAAC (min 160 kbps), 44KHz
File size(*)up to 360 MB


(*) Please upload a video with the best possible resolution and within the file size limit. Should you wish to upload the file size of your video larger than 360 MB, please contact us at [email protected]