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Beside talks and discussions on the main stage, the 26th Golden Drum Festival will offer also a variety of workshops and screenings on the second festival stage.


Eran Nir: Speak now or forever hold your Brand

The first workshop to open the Festival stage is titled Speak now or forever hold your Brand and will be held by Eran Nir, Chief Creative Officer at Israeli agency GITAM BBDO.

Having won a special prize from the UN in 2012 for one of the most important projects of his career – the “Blood Relations”, mutual blood bank of Israeli and Palestinians, he is the man to inspire you to understand why this is the era to take risks and make consumers choose the bold brand which dares to take a stand and not the one that holds its tongue.

Meet Eran


Krešimir Macan: Public relations in the digitalized future, pardon present

The second workshop you will have the chance to join on the first festival day is Public relations in the digitalized future, pardon the present, held by Krešimir Macan, a respected Croatian communication and business consultant specialized in crisis management, strategic communication in politics and social media, successfully managing his own consulting agency – Manjgura. He led public relations and communications for numerous domestic and international investments, successfully worked on many election campaigns in Croatia and the region and advised two Croatian prime ministers.

Krešimir will share where is the place for public relations in the digitized present and future and why it might be more influential and creative than ever.

Meet Krešimir


Cătălin Rusu: Am I a branding or an advertising guy?

Cătălin Rusu, Chief Creative Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Rusu+Bortun in Bucharest, Romania will, after the What Jury sessions, where he will be working as one of the eleven jurors, take his knowledge to a workshop. 

On the second Festival day, Cătălin will take us to his own personal branding therapy where each personal story needs a hybrid solution, which cannot be generically applied. Leave your box at home and join him.

Meet Cătălin


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