Heroes drive in pajamas Agency: Luna -TBWA Advertiser: Zavod Vozim Group: S Activation

Creative idea explanation

Heroes drive in pajamas is a national initiative against driving under the influence. Disabled drivers who were once injured in car accidents have started the movement of ‘driving in pajamas’ offering young people free and save rides from the night parties with cars custumized specifically for this cause. The main message to the young was to never drive under the influence and to their parents and public in general was to always take care for the road safety by offering each other safe rides even in the middle of the nights and in pajamas that became heroic uniforms of the movement.

Zavod Vozim
Agency network:
Campaign name:
Heroes drive in pajamas
Brand name:
Zavod Vozim
Institute for Innovative Education
Creative Director:
Tine Lugarič
Art Director:
Ljubo Bratina
Tine Lugarič, Medeja Kraševec
Matjaž Stare
Account Director / Manager:
Saša Droftina
Client Account Director / Manager:
David Razboršek, Anja Zagomilšek, Maja Rošer
Strategic Planner / Strategist:
Maruša Hrovat
PR Director:
Helena Čož, Lina Antolič
Digital Strategist:
Maša Butara