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National Network for Children - fence

Creative idea explanation

Over 10 000 juveniles in Bulgaria are victims of the 60-year old Law on Combating Antisocial Behavior of Minors and Juveniles. It deals with offenses such as escape from home and stealing food with quite inadequate measures.

The campaign “Make juvenile justice more humane” demands the closing of the correctional boarding schools. That is why we had to show that behind bars there is no place for children. So we put an image of a child behind real bars in an urban environment. The alternative is simple – by signing the petition to amend the Law, penitentiary schools can disappear.

National Network for Children
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National Network for Children
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Make juvenile justice more humane
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National Network for Children
The promotion, protection and observing the rights of the child
Creative Director:
Toshka Ivanova
Maria Stoilova
Yanitsa Dimitrova, Miroslav Krustev
Account Director / Manager:
Steliana Koleva
Pavel Chervenkov