Festival Reception Opening Hours

The Festival Reception located on the 11th floor of Grand Hotel Bernardin will be open from 8 am to 8 pm. Delegates will be able to pick up their festival wrist bands that give them access to the festival’s happening during the official hours of the Festival’s Reception. With the support of Mastercard, Golden Drum is a cashless festival thus no cash will be accepted on any of the Golden Drum locations.

Golden Drum Opening

Golden Drum Festival is returning to its roots in the beautiful city of Portorož, Slovenia, where the first festival was held almost three decades ago. This year’s event is promising everything from engaging and thought-provoking talks, to the best works being awarded during the Awards Show. There will be ample opportunities for learning, networking, and partying during the creatively jam packed day.

Does the crisis in creative effectiveness persist?

In this session, WARC will reveal the results of an update to this research, which looks to establish if the conversion rate from creativity to effectiveness has improved since 2019. Discover the trends behind the winning work and learn what’s working in the race for attention.

Sustainability – let’s walk the talk!

Now is the time to act, even in marketing, in creation, in the media, in research - in all areas of the advertising industry - we can make a difference. And we should all embrace this opportunity. That’s why we would like to take a look at the here and now with you and use examples and cases to show what we can do to secure the future of our world in our daily doings.

Can advertising save the world?

The social impact of advertising is undeniable. It influences not just consumer behaviour, but also societal attitudes, perceptions, and behaviours. At the same time, there is an increasing focus on the purpose of the brand. Why do we think brands need a purpose to drive? Is this connected to the marketing power of Gen Z? Is that more business-related or ethics? And finally, can agencies survive without purpose?

The big AI debate: GOOD vs EVIL.

The hype is real this year with AI. This year’s buzzword is on everyone’s lips, and every company and every brand is piloting ways of using AI…from creativity to commerce, from personalization to production, from accessibility to automation. We think you’ve heard it all already. So our goal is not to educate, but to debate! Is AI good or bad for society? What about for creativity? For diversity and inclusion? For jobs?

Experience in an era of exponential change.

We’ve entered an era of exponential change fuelled by forces that continue to reshape the relationship between people and brands, forever changing what we need, want and expect. In a world where yesterday’s rules are no longer relevant, how do we harness the power of modern creativity to create experiences that help brands thrive?


A chance to network, recharge, relax, and refresh before we continue with the second half of the festival’s sessions brimming with the latest trends and creative insights.

Can ESG drive a true competitive advantage?

In the world where ESG concerns are more pressing than ever, investors and companies have no choice but to pay attention to their ESG performance and risks. How to act on ESG in a way that will be free from being judged as greenwashers, or pinkwashers? How to do it well and translate it into a competitive advantage? What is most important from the marketers’ point of view? Don’t miss the Mastercard roundtable.

Plurality of Design in India.

Ashwini’s talk will touch upon some traditional Indian concepts and their contemporary reflections within design in India. She will share examples ranging from branding, advertising, packaging, textiles, digital and product design. Be inspired by Indian design.

150 Years On – Navigating the Future of Socialising

Hear from the brand and agency leaders behind Heineken®️; a brand that has been awarded Brand of the Year at the Golden Drum Festival several years in a row. Daniela Iebba, Heineken®️ Global Communications Director and Mihnea Gheorghiu, CCO of Le Pub Milan will share their insights on Heineken®️’s 150 years success story with a focus on the power of a strong client-agency relationship to unlock creativity.

Telling Stories About Stories

During this session, you will find out what role plays creativity in making the promotional assets on Netflix relevant to each audience at a specific time. Dániel will talk about how his team leverages data to fuel their creativity and dive into why the videos and artwork they produce might look different from the theatrical trailers and posters we’re used to seeing.

Emotionally Charged: Understanding emotion in ads with AI to drive effectiveness

We are all emotional animals. Emotions drive every decision we make, including how much we notice and remember advertising, therefore how effective it is. In this session, Barney Worfolk-Smith of DAIVID will break down why emotions make ads work and how DAIVID uses AI to capture and codify their ’DAIVID 39’ classification of emotions. He’ll bring this to life with a case study of how they emotionally mapped the beauty sector on TikTok for Shiseido, identifying untapped emotional areas to reveal a data led creative strategy for growth. Also, why he thinks emotions are like birds!

The Winners Reception

Join us for drinks at the Winners Reception to start the celebration of creativity! We will meet on the 12th floor of Grand Hotel Bernardin (foyer of the congress hall) to welcome the future winners of the Golden Drum awards and to network with our esteemed jury members and speakers.

Golden Drum Awards Show

The highlight of the 29th Golden Drum Competition! Join us for this special gala event where we will once again honour great creativity.

Golden Star Party

Better have your dancing shoes on, because this party will close the festival in style! This year we are going to have a great time at the Golden Star Party, hosted by Golden Drum and HitRadio Center. Good vibes and crazy groves are guaranteed. Raise your glass to the new knowledge, friendships and great work we discovered at the 29th Golden Drum Festival. Cheers to all the Drummers celebrating with us!


Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.

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