Showcase 2018

Fatal Drop
Agency: Y&R Budapest
Advertiser: Viacom Hungary
Group: D Audio
Adopt a Pack
Agency: Possible Moscow
Advertiser: Hill's Pet Nutrition
Group: E Digital & mobile
Do you even know who this is?
Agency: Publicis Moldova, Chisinau
Advertiser: USAID, ANTRIM
Group: E Digital & mobile
Stories that can’t disappear
Agency: Istropolitana Ogilvy
Advertiser: Petit Press
Group: E Digital & mobile
Football Star
Agency: Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, Zagreb
Advertiser: Heineken Croatia
Group: E Digital & mobile
1mb Campaign
Agency: Marvelous, Moscow
Advertiser: SkyLink
Group: E Digital & mobile
National Network for Children – fence
Agency: reforma, Sofia
Advertiser: National Network for Children
Group: F Reach
Technology Mobilization
Agency: Canvas / ISTANBUL
Advertiser: Turk Telekom
Group: F Reach
Vloggers’ Swap
Agency: Leo Burnett Bucharest
Advertiser: Telekom Romania
Group: F Reach
Savana Fake News
Agency: Papaya Advertising Bucharest
Advertiser: Fabryo Corporation
Group: F Reach
Jump in the Dark
Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann / Vienna
Advertiser: Fachverband der chemischen Industrie Österreich
Group: F Reach
The Voice Of Freedom
Agency: Mccann Tel Aviv
Advertiser: Tiv Ta'am
Group: F Reach