DIGITAL group includes online communications (websites, microsites, banners, social media, etc.), interactive tools and other digital solutions. Entries will be evaluated for their understanding of the modern digital world: impeccable design and execution, and outstanding user experience created for all digital media and environments. Online communications that do not require or rely on interactivity (such as online and mobile films) compete in group A. Works registered in the category “Social network & community” will also be judged from the perspective of their success in creating user engagement. Social awareness, humanitarian, road safety and other public and non-profit communication is eligible for the Good Cause Grand Prix. Socially responsible promotion of products, services and brands is eligible for the Grand Prix.


  1. Websites & micro sites (websites created for a company, brand, product, service, event or person, including microsites)
  2. Social network & community (creative solutions for social networking and/or community sites)
  3. Banners and off site advertising (standard and rich media banners, etc.)
  4. Games – promotional games, gamevertising, branded games (not ads for games)
  5. Interactive tools and other digital solutions – creative use of built-in and existing features of a digital device (including cameras, microphones, touchscreens, etc.) and/or innovative use of AR and VR technologies

 Entries in this group can only be submitted through the online registration system on www.goldendrum.com

All entries, submitted to the Golden Drum Festival, will be shown for the judging, screened during the Festival and the award ceremony, should your entry be awarded, as well as published in a showcase of the entries on www.goldendrum.com.



One video presentation is required as well as URL address for categories 78, 79 and an image file for category 80.

One video presentation of up to 180 seconds as MP4 will be accepted.

Resolution Full HD (1920×1080 px), 16:9 Widescreen (preferable)
Frame rate 25fps
Scan type Progressive
Video codec h.264 (min 15 – max 40 mbps)
Audio codec AAC (min 160 kbps), 44KHz
Container MP4
File size(*) up to 360 MB

 (*) Please upload a video with the best possible resolution and within the file size limit. Should you wish to upload the file size of your video larger than 360 MB, please contact us at [email protected].

Link (URL address) for categories 78 and 79

Provide one URL address for each interactive entry in categories 78 and 79. URL must lead straight to the entry in one click. If the content of entry is not in English or has no English version, upload a text file in .DOC format, .RTF format or .TXT format, including the translation of sample pages and/or other key. Only files with .doc, .rtf or .TXT extensions will be accepted. Please make sure to use Unicode script. URL address has to be active from the date of entry until October 20, 2017. No agency branding is allowed when presenting your entry online.

One image for banners for category 80

Please upload a screen shot of the website where the banner was originally displayed and only files as JPEG will be accepted.

 One image file is required.  

Format JPEG
Colour space RGB
DPI 300 dpi
Size The longest side must be at least 420 mm
File size up to 6 MB



Awards show film of up to 60 seconds (to be screened at the award ceremony, should your entry be awarded) as MP4 file may be submitted to better present your work in this group.

In case you do not submit the awards show film, the organizer reserves the right to screen first 60 seconds of the original video at the award ceremony, should your entry be awarded.

Video upload – please refer above for “required material”.