Meet the ONE-CHANNEL Drum Jury!


The One-Channel Drum awards works which are using a single channel for communicating the message to the market – their creativity, benefits, and efficiency in Film, Print, OOH, Audio, Digital, Mobile & Technology, or Design.

Works entered in this section will be judged by 15 industry professionals from our region and beyond.


Meet the One-Channel Drum Jury

Anselmo Ramos, Co-Founder and Creative Chairman at GUT, North America / South America, has been appointed as the One-Channel Jury President:

“I'm honoured to represent GUT at this year's Golden Drum Festival, and to be serving as the Jury President for the One-Channel Jury. This section is really exciting since we'll be able to see how brands and agencies were able to creatively use a single channel of communicating their messages to the market. It can show how any medium, even using social media for a simple Tweet, can be extremely effective for any brand. I'm looking forward to celebrating our industry's work from Europe and seeing how they're pushing the limits of creativity as we know it.”


Joining him in evaluating the works will be the esteemed jury members:


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