Meet the One-Channel Drum Jury


The One-Channel jury will be led by Guy Wieynk, Global Chief Executive Officer, AnalogFolk Group (AFG), UK.


Joining him in evaluating the works will be the esteemed jury members:


“The ONE-CHANNEL section at the Golden Drum Awards stands as a testament to the art of concentrated communication. As this year's Jury President for the section, I'm delighted to seek out and celebrate work that harnesses the unique strength of a singular medium to cut through the noise and truly resonate with the audience. Each entry is a masterclass in focused creativity - from Film to Design to Digital, Mobile and Technology, we will witness how one channel, when used with precision and ingenuity, can create an impact as powerful as any multi-channel campaign. I’m excited to see work from brands and creatives that reinvents the art of single-channel storytelling. I invite brands to bring their most compelling one-channel wonders to the table and share how they've turned limitations into their greatest strengths," stated Guy Wieynk, Global Chief Executive Officer, AnalogFolk Group (AFG) and the President of the One-Channel Jury.


The One-Channel Drum Section

The ONE-CHANNEL section focuses on individual works that are using a single channel of communicating the message to the market. Entries in this section should demonstrate the creative use of one-channel communication, its benefits, and efficiency. In relation to the Omni-Channel Drum, this section recognizes individual works delivered through one communication channel exclusively.

This section has 6 groups each with multiple categories: Film; Print; Out of Home; Audio; Digital, Mobile & Technology; and Design.

Competition is open for entries. Super Early Bird Entry Fee runs until 26 April.

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