BraHM (Brand Health Monitor)

Advertiser: AIMBULANCE
Group: G. Digital
Category: 74. Interactive tools and other digital solutions
Advertiser: AIMBULANCE
Campaign name: BraHM (Brand Health Monitor)
Country: UKRAINE
Brand name: AIMBULANCE
Product/service: BraHM
Art Director: Denis Rostolopa
Executive Creative Director: Vladimir Smirnov
Copywriter: Aleksey Maksimenko
Designer: Kate Yukhnova
Account Director / Manager: Mariya Sharlay
Digital production: Youshido
Media Director / Manager: Dmitriy Kudinov
Strategic Planner / Strategist: Roman Havrysh
Other credits: R&D Director: Alexander Prohorenko, Product body design: Object ?

Creative idea explanation

BraHM (Brand Health Monitor). The device for tracking online brand performance in social and display media. Designed for marketing professionals who always need to be informed. The BraHM App tracks and analyses activity on brand’s pages in social networks in real time.