Mariusz Jan Demner

Managing Director
Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann

Schooled in Vienna and Switzerland before studying Law, Journalism and Art at the Vienna University, Mariusz’s career path turned upside down when he stumbled across an old family friend in 1968. The friend was a manufacturer of shirts, who enquired if Mariusz knew an agency he could recommend. Demner invented his agency on the spot that was to become Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann.
He has since been an autodidact adman and has not ever stopped learning the trade.

Doing just that for decades to follow, he has come up with some of Austria’s most successful and lauded advertisements and communication campaigns for clients such as IBM, Mazda, BMW, Mini, Kia, Bank Austria-Creditanstalt, Vöslauer (mineral water), Darbo (preserves), XXXLutz (furniture chain), Stiegl beer, ÖBB (railway), MasterCard, OMV.
The agency has held clients for up to 30 years, an anomaly in the ever-changing communication business.

His efforts as the lead creative for the EU referendum swayed public opinion from a mere 33% in 1992, to a landslide victory of 67% in 1994. He was behind the victory of 2 Chancellor elections and has been behind political campaigns to further education.

Campaigns have included heavyweights such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan as well as Billy Wilder appearing in his only advertisement. Former USSR-president Michail Gorbachov even became spokesperson for the ÖBB under Demner’s creative leadership.

The agency, just like the person himself, has become a centre for learning and a career step for a great part of all creative leaders who have worked with or for him in Austria. Demner was also instrumental in pioneering the CAA (Creative Club Austria) which has cultivated and awarded excellence in creativity. Demner is a lifetime member of the One Club/ADC New York and ADC Germany. He is also a long standing member of the board of the Austrian IAA-chapter.

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