Susana Albuquerque

Creative Director, Uzina, Portugal

Since 2017, Susana is the Creative Director of Uzina, an independent Portuguese agency. Before, she has lived and worked in Madrid for 4 years, first as ECO at Y&R Madrid and after that as Group Creative Director at DBS Spain. Her creative work has been acknowledged at the Effie (both Spanish and Portuguese), Cannes, El Sol and El Ojo and at local award festivals in Spain and Portugal. Before moving to Spain, Susana was a CD at Bates and at Lowe.

Susana presided over the Portuguese Creative Club from 2012 to 2013. She’s been a jury member at major international award shows, among them the ADC Portugal, Cannes, ADCE, New York Festivals, El Ojo and El Sol. She now looks forward to what’s next.