Martin Svetlík

Digital Creative Director, McCann Prague, Czech Republic

Martin is one of the leading digital creatives in the Czech Republic. His track record features major international projects for clients like Philips, LEGO, ŠKODA or Pilsner Urquell, along with some 20 creative awards and international jury memberships.

Before starting his current spell with McCann Prague, Martin worked as a creative director at Mustard, where he was responsible for the digital part of the global ŠKODA account. He was also leading ŠKODA’s global engagement platform We Love Cycling, reaching out to millions of cycling fans around the globe with award-winning original content.

Among his other achievements: back in 2008, he wrote the best colostomy leaflet in the CEE region (self-proclaimed), had an outstanding 8 out of 9 pitch winning ratio over two very long weeks in June 2012 and – unlike other copywriters – has actually written over 100 pages of his novel already. It only took him 6 years.