Mitja Tuškej

Managing Director, Direct Media and Brand Strategist, Formitas BBDO, Slovenia

Mitja was born in 1961. He finished studying at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana in 1984.

He started his professional career in 1984 with biggest Slovene trade company as a leader of Department of Planning and Analysis. In next years he began to develop Marketing Division and built his first brand in collaboration with Formitas agency.

In 1992 he became a partner at Formitas BBDO agency, where he is still responsible for preparing complex brand strategies. Mitja is known as branding expert working in communication business more than 25 years. He significantly contributed to the growth of the agency which has developed from a team of five people into full-service agency of 40 experts.

In 2013 he moved into the media business. As Executive Director of Direct Media agency in Slovenia he started with developing a strong connection between media and brand strategies also at regional level. As a program leader of Direct Media Academy, he has built a new internal educational program for Direct Media employees in whole Region. Direct Media Academy has expanded in 2017 for all Direct Media clients. Direct Media Academy is taking place twice a year and more than 200 people went through the educational program about the brand and media strategies.

What Mitja enjoys most is preparing complex strategic plans at both levels, brand and corporate. Putting complex data into a logical framework is his biggest advantage. His most respectable sentences are “The reality of brand is their perception, without knowing how your brand is perceived among competitors you can’t create a long-term brand success” and “Each brand needs a strong focus: on its perceived position, on its life style target group and on its media consumption”.

In 2015 he wrote a book “No friends, no brands” which was chosen as a Marketing book of the year in Slovenia. The book was translated also into Serbian language in 2016.

Mitja is a very passionate mountain biker. Each year he discovers different parts of Europe where climbing with the bike on the peaks over 2.000 meters is for him a little “piece of cake”.